Staying In Bangkok For Your Wedding Anniversary

Bangkok is a fascinating city, and it is a destination which travellers either love or hate, but it is an excellent place to celebrate with everything that is on offer. If you are going to be heading to Bangkok for your wedding anniversary and want to try and ensure that it is a special one, below are some tips to help you plan a fantastic time that you and your partner will love when you visit the Big Mango.

Chose A Relaxing Place To Stay

One thing that Bangkok is not short of is a fantastic variety of high-quality hotels that travellers can choose to stay at when visiting. When you are heading to Bangkok for your wedding anniversary, you will want to select a hotel that will let you pamper yourselves while you stay. You can choose a hotel that has luxurious and comfortable rooms, or even a suite, and one that also offers guests spa facilities, which is a perfect way to pamper yourselves before hitting the town to celebrate.

Dine At A Fantastic Restaurant

If you wish to dine at an award-winning Thai restaurant, Bangkok has plenty of these as well, with delicious Thai food on offer, as well as a variety of different international cuisines. After you have enjoyed your spa day at your hotel, it is time to start the celebrations, so you will want to choose an excellent restaurant to start the festivities. With the more popular restaurants you may need to book in advance, as they can be busy most days of the week, so research which place you wish to dine at when in town and book your table early.

Paint The Town Red

After you have enjoyed some fabulous food, you can carry on the celebrations and enjoy a few drinks at one of the many bars in the city. You may wish to choose one of the rooftop bars, especially if the weather is good, and enjoy spectacular views of the city as you relax. There are also plenty of bars which offer live music, and no matter what your preference of music is, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Winding The Evening Down

As the night draws to a close, you can head back to your hotel and have a drink in the lounge or bar of your hotel as you reflect on a superb evening. You can also take your glasses back to your room and drink them on the balcony of you room if you have one, or sit quietly by the pool and look at the stars as you enjoy the company of each other.