Working of the Kee Song Food Corporation and Chicken delivery Singapore

Kee Song Food Corporation Private Limited is one of the biggest foods and chicken supplier in Singapore. It is mainly famous for chicken delivery Singapore. This food corporation was established in the year 1987 and efficiently supplying frozen and fresh chicken products all over in Singapore.

In the year 1992, this food corporation has started its first company of poultry farming in Malaysia and has exclusively ranging in the farming technology in the field of rearing chickens.

Consumer service of the food corporation

They provide the greatest nourishment of products to the consumers. The people of the food corporation have introduced a special type of nutrient under the frontier of nutrient known as ‘carotenoids. Chickens in the poultry farm are fed according to the nutrients that is being specified by the customers.

Organic chicken farms

The poultry supplier keeps on exploring various innovative solutions and ingredients for the process of ethical rearing of poultry. The aim behind doing this is to improve the environment and promote eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Customers need not have to worry much as these poultry suppliers are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture Agro-based Industry of Malaysia.