Six Awesome Ways to Use Duck Fat

Duck fat has been a staple in professional kitchens and is enjoying a moment as many home cooks are starting to recognize its potential. It features a subtle flavor, a silky mouthfeel, and a high smoke point, which makes it ideal for high-heat cooking. Duck fat makes everything taste better, from meat to fresh vegetables, and poultry. It can be used from a solid, soft, or liquid state. You can buy duck fat as a separate product or obtain yours when you buy duct meat from stores like Here are different ways to cook with duck fat:

Using It with Potatoes

Duck fat and potato are a perfect match. The fat improves the potato’s earthy flavor and imparts a golden crust. You can duck fat for roasted potatoes, potato galette, hash browns, mashed potatoes, pommes Anna, and sautéed fingerlings.

Rubbing Poultry

Duck fat can be a delicious replacement for butter for rubbing poultry. Rub it under the skin and inside the cavity and massage some over the outside of the entire bird. Then, season and roast the poultry in a very hot oven. This will give you golden, crispy skin as well as moist and succulent breast meat.

Searing Meat

If you want to come up with evenly browned, flavorful crust, sear meat, fish, shellfish, and poultry with duck fat. You can try this with chops, veal, shrimp, chicken breasts, and more.

Salad Dressing

Duck fat can be used as warm dressing to add a mouth-watering savory character to salads, especially those made with heavy greens such as kale, frisee, radicchio, chards, and endive. To temper the richness, give it a touch of sweetness from fruity vinegar, minced shallots, or citrus segments. After you toss with greens, serve the salad right away.

Improving Vegetable Flavor

Sauteed and oven-roasted veggies gain enhanced flavor when tossed in duck fat before cooking. The fat can add richness and facilitate caramelization. Any vegetables can benefit from a quick toss with duck fat. You can try earthy roots and tubers as well as sugar-packed onions and more astringent produce as such artichokes and asparagus.


When used alone or in combination with other high-smoke point oils, duck fat makes for exceptional deep-frying. It adds extra-oomph to fried chicken, breaded calamari, beignets, French fries, and potato chips. The resulting fried items will be crisp and golden on the outside and light but creamy on the inside.