Hungry and Thirsty for The Best in Bangkok, Where to Go?

Imagine being hungry, thirsty or both whilst floating around the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s capital and most populated city, Bangkok or Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. Already having sampled the local delights, in search of something more unique and awe inspiring than the local street food offerings now is time to hit the streets.

The search begins

The search doesn’t last long as the scale of the task in hand starts to set in, Bangkok is absolutely huge with restaurants and eateries hidden in the most exclusive of places. At a time where new ‘food or drink spots’ are opening daily it really would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Deep breath

Fortunately, others have already been in your shoes and as such with the aid of the internet and fellow food and drink connoisseurs you should find that ‘get away’ haven that was once a dream.

If you find yourself searching for, ‘where to eat in Bangkok near me’ then you will likely appreciate the following pointers. These topics were found to be the most rewarding in terms of experience in both atmosphere and quality of food.

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  • Best night markets in Bangkok
  • Where to get the best of Asian cuisine in Bangkok
  • Best brunch in Bangkok
  • Bangkok café guide

Likely there will be reviews of local eateries on the internet, although they all seem very ‘generic’, a quick search will bring up the usual, but the trouble is, they don’t really have a target audience in mind, nor do they cater for any kind of uniqueness, especially if you are looking for the best of the best.


A comprehensive specialist review site is what we need that has food and drink enthusiasts at the very heart of its values, well believe it or not there are such services available. Not only providing the best offerings by way of food and drink but also covering hotels.

What is even better still about this type of services is that you will find detailed articles with history about the place you are looking to visit, easy to follow directions of where you want to go. The GPS apps are great but they lack the personal touch.


Having the help of somebody that has already been on the journey you are about to embark upon and experienced the wonderful variety of foods that lays in store is priceless, a personal touch from an experienced place goes a long way.