3 Beach Vacation Tips You Can’t Live Without

Summer is finally here and that long awaited family vacation to the beach is just around the corner. Whether you’ve been planning for months or you just decided to take a trip in a few weeks, there are plenty of items for you to take off the to-do list. You may be planning a quick weekend get away with your significant other or you are packing up the SUV and the whole family to take down to the beach for a week of fun in the sun. Either way you will want to make sure you have a place to stay and things to do. With just a little bit of planning you can have a trip to the beach you and your family will remember for a lifetime.

Where to Stay

Finding lodging for your vacation is probably the best thing to do first. Finding out what beach or neighbourhood you would like to stay in will dictate where you eat, play, and shop.

There are many types of properties you can consider, such as:

  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Long-term Vacation rentals

Which one is best suited for you will depend on how many people are traveling with you, budget, and how long you are staying.

Hotels are a great option for those looking for a quick getaway on the weekend. They are usually available on short notice and have great upgrade packages. Long-term home rentals or condos are great for larger families who need a bit more room and would like to stay a week or longer.

What to Do

Luckily, there is always something fun to do at the beach. Many of us just like to take it easy on the sand soaking up the sun. Others find the great golf courses at the beach irresistible; it really depends on what you and your family enjoy. There’s always plenty of shopping to be had at the local malls that can also give you a little break from the sun.

What to Eat

Many would agree that one of the best things about going to the beach is the seafood. If you are looking for a family restaurant Terrigal and other coastal towns are in no shortage of new, hip bars and pubs. All along the coast you can find restaurants that during the daytime are bright, breezy hangouts but change to a lounge and dining setting as the night goes on. Many places offer kid’s menus as well so everyone can eat what they want.